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Apsara Dance Show

A spellbinding and dazzling display of the spiritual Apsara Dance, once performed as kings’ messengers to the gods and to the ancestors. Young novices who meet exacting physical standards require 15 years of intensive training by master dancers to achieve their dream of filling this symbolic role. The subtle emphasis of movements, controlled and expressive, blended with synchronised elements of eyes lowered, knees bent, a flick of the wrist or tilt of her head seek to evoke emotions and dramatise tales of mystical myths and legends.

Indulge in an enchanting evening as you dine alongside supple performers at The Courtyard, fringed by dancing flames that guard the grand Banyan tree. Marvel at an exhilarating performance of trained exponents in Bokator arts, a moving spectacle of Khmer martial arts in contrast with the mesmerising art-form of the Apsara Dancers to thrill and delight you.

The Dining Room

This 1 hour performance starts at 7:00 PM

(Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)


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