Cambodia is a developing country with many challenges and we realise that access to clean water is the major problem, especially for Cambodians living in rural areas. Our goal is to contribute to the community where we operate, and expand our guests’ experience of Cambodia with an opportunity to change a local family’s life by leaving their own mark, and taking home a lasting memory of their stay in Siem Reap.

We support Trailblazer in one of their four programmes – the Health Programme with the primary focus on water projects that provide clean water to families and villages by constructing and delivering bio-sand water filters and drilling wells, along with the construction of latrines to help increase a family’s, or village’s, overall hygiene, a critical step in advancing rural community health.

Anyone can support this project together with Park Hyatt Siem Reap through donations made directly to Trailblazer Foundation site or directly with the hotel. Each bio-sand water filter or pull pump well will have the donor’s name stenciled onto the filter front or well base.

Our resident guests are also invited to help install a bio-sand water filter delivery or observe drilling a pull pump well.

Join us in improving the lives of the Cambodian villagers through your kind generosity and support, as every support means a positive live-changing difference to a Cambodian family.

For more information and to support this programme, our hotel concierge is happy to assist.
Or simply send an email to
or telephone +855 6321 1234 and we would be happy to share more details.


About The Trailblazer Foundation :

Trailblazer is most well known for helping our partner villages secure clean and abundant water—because water is life. For each of more than villages annually, we start by working with the community to dig wells and construct water filters.

Trailblazer Foundation chooses our projects based on an annual local government assessment of village needs. We are honored to be one of only a handful of NGOs invited to this annual meeting. Through this bottom-up process, the villages themselves identify their needs. Their requests, in turn, direct our annual activities, which are “developing ripples of sustainability through community water projects.”

To learn more and to donate through Trailblazer, please visit :

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