Sra Sor Rice Wine Adventure

An adventure enveloped by history dating back to the 6th century, the Sra Sor is believed to have been discovered by chance in the jungle. From then on villagers in the olden days, started producing wine from fruits, from wine yeast or tree skins, using rice as the instillation to produce wine.

Spend the afternoon with our Cultural Insiders as they journey into the heartland of Siem Reap to a local village to experience the age-old art of rice wine making. Travelling by local tuk-tuk, pass through scenic rural communities as they go about their daily routine, every once in while getting a shy wave or a smile, as our Cultural Insiders share the history of how rice wine was first discovered and how little it has evolved through the years.

Along the way, take a brief stop at a handicraft shop to see nimble hands weaving beautiful baskets from dry water hyacinths.

Arrive at Kokkhnoat Village, where a local family shares the production of rice wine, using methods that have been passed down from generations. Learn how the intricate process of using ingredients that are easily available within the village such as unpeeled uncooked rice, cooked rice and yeast are used for the making of rice wine. Marvel at how a traditional distillation process produces fresh rice wine, and how through years of experience, the villager is able to check the alcohol level of the fresh rice wine using an ancient method.
Taste the freshness of the rice wine in a specialty concoction prepared by our own mixologist, enjoyed with light snacks, or if you wish you can try your hand at creating your own cocktail with the fresh rice wine.

A brief idyllic walk brings you to the enchanting enclave of Baray, ancient rectangular reservoirs that are one of the most remarkable sites within Angkor. Witness breathtaking sunsets over the tranquil man-made wonders.
End this unique cultural excursion with a delightful pre-dinner Rice Wine inspired cocktail at The Living Room, where you will also receive a bottle of Rice Wine as a gift, for you to take home of your fascinating memory of this adventure.

Duration : 3 hours (3:00 PM – 6:00 PM)
Minimum two persons and maximum eight persons
24 hours advance reservation is required


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