For a Better World

For a Better World

Join us and The Giver Team, in our heartfelt mission to make a lasting impact on the Khmer community. Together, we support on a transformative project designed to touch the lives of those who need it most. Our primary focus revolves around village adoption, a comprehensive initiative wherein we identify and assist families facing genuine hardship.

Through this program, we not only address the immediate needs of the villagers but also ensure that students from these villages have access to the essential resources required for their education.

Additionally, we are implementing a clean water project in the adopted village, utilizing advanced filtration systems to provide a reliable source of clean water for all in need.

Another significant project we are actively engaged in revolves around women’s education and health. In collaboration with Life & Hope Angkor (LHA), we have partnered to establish the Park Hyatt Siem Reap sewing school, generously supported by the hotel.

This empowering initiative aims to equip disadvantaged women in Siem Reap with valuable sewing skills, enabling them to generate income. Moreover, our efforts extend to supporting children from vulnerable families when they fall ill, thanks to our partnership with Angkor Children Hospital.

In addition, The Giver Team established a partnership with another beneficiaries, Spoons Cambodia, an organization committed to assisting young individuals through educational initiatives, particularly focusing on the hospitality industry.

Scheduled for an official launching on August 2024, in the conjunction of hotel 10th anniversary,, we invite you to join us and The Giver Team in our heartfelt mission to create a lasting impact on the Khmer community.


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