Beng Melea & Banteay Srei Temple

Beng Melea & Banteay Srei Temples

In Khmer language that means “Lotus Pond”, Beng Melea is a hidden treasure where you can wander the ruins in peace and seclusion. Sitting serenely down a long clay road and silent but for the twitter of birds and rustling of leaves, the ruins of Beng Melea are strewn with crumbling moss-covered stones with enormous trees taking root along the walls and between crevices. Ravaged by time and overrun vegetation, the huge building stones of the Beng Melea that once stood proudly now lay in crumbled ruins. As the temple cannot be restored without the destruction of the growing trees, the union of nature and man’s handiwork remains untouched.

Journey on by car to a recommended dining establishment in the vicinity of Banteay Srei for a lunch stop and rest. Continue exploration at the Banteay Srei temple, fondly known as the “Pink Temple”, which aptly derives its name from the gorgeous pink hues of its limestone building stones. Its name translates into “Citadel of the Women” as seen in the elaborate and remarkably well-preserved decorative carvings of many female deities that grace its walls.

Duration: 9 hours
Chilled water and cold towels provided.


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