Angkor Wat Tour

Angkor Wat Full Day Experience

Peel back layer upon layer from 1,200 years of Khmer empire history through this comprehensive tour of the largest and most historic temples. Uncover deep Khmer secrets with a Khmer scholar or opt to explore the magnificent ruins at your own leisure. Built as King Suryavarman II’s state temple and capital city in the early 12th century, wander through the poignant galleries of Angkor Wat and soak in the great historical significance of the intricate wall carvings, extensive structures and impressive architecture. Drive through the rustic and peaceful Khmer rural landscape where lies the still unearthed medieval temple-cities buried deep beneath the tropical forest floor, spanning all the way to Mount Kulen.

Guests will be whisked back to Park Hyatt for a leisurely lunch, a rest and a refreshing dip in the pool before continuing on to Angkor Thom. Distinctive from afar by 216 giant, enigmatic smiling faces, the Bayon temple stands steadfastly in the middle of Angkor Thom that was built in the late 12th century as the capital of King Jayavarman VII’s empire.

Your experience culminates with a stop at the evocative and mystical Ta Prohm temple, famously depicted in movies for its ravishing beauty. Be mesmerized by its ethereal beauty having been abandoned and neglected for five centuries only to be rediscovered stunningly reclaimed by Mother Nature.

Duration: 9 hours, including break in between


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