12 Best Restaurants in Siem Reap For a Gastronomic Journey

12 Best Restaurants in Siem Reap For a Gastronomic Journey

Siem Reap is so much more than just the home of the stunning Angkor Wat. It’s a paradise for food lovers too! Imagine wandering through lively streets, each Siem Reap restaurant offering a new taste of traditional Khmer dishes, modern fusion creations, and the kind of street food that will leave you in awe. It’s not just a place to tick off your travel list; it’s a culinary adventure waiting to happen. So, while you’re soaking up the history, don’t forget to indulge in the best dining in Siem Reap that makes this ancient city a truly remarkable destination.

Let’s uncover the list of 12 best restaurants in Siem Reap that are a must-visit for your next holiday in this captivating town.

12 Best Restaurants in Siem Reap

1.Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant: A Veggie Haven

Nestled in Wat Bo Village, Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant is a charming spot for vegetarians and health-conscious diners. Imagine feasting on meat-free versions of Cambodian, Asian, and European dishes, surrounded by the rustic charm of a traditional wooden house. The restaurant’s home-grown veggies add an extra layer of freshness to their dishes.

Menu Highlights: Quesadillas with guacamole, vegetable amok with steamed rice, and vegan eggplant tempura. Don’t miss their fruit smoothies and sorbets!

2.Blue Pumpkin: A Sweet Retreat

Since 2000, Blue Pumpkin has been a local favourite for its freshly baked pastries, homemade ice creams, and hearty dishes. The lounge area is a perfect escape from the Siem Reap heat, offering comfort with a view over Pi Thnou Street.

Must-Try Menus: Cambodian kuthiew (noodle soup), fusilli gorgonzola, and for dessert, a tantalising lemon tart with raspberry sorbet.

3.Bugs Café: Daring Dining Experience

Are you feeling adventurous? Then Bugs Café is your stop. Here, you’ll find French-Khmer fusion dishes with an unexpected twist—they are made with insects! Yes, you heard that right. This unique Cambodian restaurant in Siem Reap is just a short walk from the Angkor Night Market and offers an experience you won’t forget.

Signature Dishes: Scorpion and green papaya salad, tarantula doughnuts, and savoury cupcakes topped with crickets.

4.Café Indochine: Upscale Elegance

This upscale restaurant in a traditional Khmer wooden house on Sivatha Street offers a blend of French and European cuisine. Café Indochine’s is one of the fine dining in Siem Reap that provides an elegant setting, perfect for a classy dining experience.

Must-Try Menus: Lok lak (beef salad), chas kruang (curry steamed in banana leaves), and, for a sweet finish, the homemade banana flambé.

12 Best Restaurants in Siem Reap For a Gastronomic Journey

5.Damnak Lounge: A Fusion Fantasy

Located at Lotus Blanc Resort, Damnak Lounge offers a sophisticated mix of European and Cambodian dishes. The stylish décor and floor-to-ceiling windows create a luxurious atmosphere.

Menu Highlights: Lamb chops with Kampot pepper, Damnak fish broth, and the local delicacy, bor bor poth dessert.

6.Ecstatic Restaurant: Pizza and More

Craving Italian in Siem Reap? Ecstatic Restaurant, serving since 1994, is your go-to for delicious pizzas and a mix of Italian and Khmer food. It is one of the best places to eat in Siem Reap if you yearn for a Western gastronomic touch in your culinary journey.

Pizza Perfection: Choose from 20 different kinds of pizzas, available in thin or thick crusts. Their eggplant parmesan is also a must-try.

7.Il Forno: Little Italy in Siem Reap

Il Forno transports you straight to Italy with its authentic cuisine and old-world charm. The restaurant’s focus on traditional recipes and imported Italian ingredients ensures an authentic dining experience.

Italian Delights: Remember to order the Gnocchi ai 4 Formaggio (potato dumplings with four kinds of cheese) and their homemade orange cheesecake.

8.Le Tigre de Papier: Cooking and Cocktails

Le Tigre De Papier is known for its table-top barbecues and Khmer cooking classes. It’s an excellent spot for both food and learning, not to mention the refreshing cocktails for those strolling along Pub Street.

Experience to Enjoy: Join their cooking classes and learn to make traditional dishes like fish amok and green mango salad.

9.Malis Cambodian Restaurant

Set along Siem Reap Riverside, Malis Cambodian Restaurant offers authentic Khmer delicacies in a sleek setting. The al fresco garden setting, complete with Apsara dance performances, adds to the ambience.

Must-Taste Khmer Cuisine: Try their fish amok, Kampot crab fried rice, and Khor pork with bamboo shoots.

10.Marum Siem Reap

Marum, situated next to Wat Polanka Pagoda, is not just about good food but also a good cause. As part of Friends International, it provides training to disadvantaged youths. The restaurant itself boasts a peaceful garden atmosphere, complemented by fairy lights. Marum is generally known for its extensive selection of seafood, meat tapas, and vegetarian menus.

Adventurous Eats: Sample red ant tree fritters, creamy silkworms with spicy green mango salad, and steamed seafood dim sum.

11.Olive, Cuisine De Saison: Frech Flair

This fine dining in Siem Reap offers French, Mediterranean, and Khmer dishes in an upscale colonial setting. Olive, Cuisine De Saison, changes its menu seasonally to incorporate fresh local ingredients.

Signature French Fusion: Seafood pasta, goat cheese salad, and pan-fried foie gras are among the must-tries.

12.The Red Piano: Belgian Bites and More

The Red Piano offers a Belgian menu in the heart of Siem Reap. It’s a great spot to unwind after exploring Pub Street, with a menu featuring Flemish beef stew, fish, risotto, and more.

Casual Eats: Enjoy their tasty sandwiches on baguettes and a selection of Belgian beers.

Siem Reap’s dining scene is as diverse as it is delicious. Whether you’re in the mood for local flavours or international cuisine, the list of our best restaurants in Siem Reap offers something for every palate. So, next time you’re in Siem Reap, be sure to check out these culinary gems!

Discover Best Restaurants In Siem Reap at Park Hyatt

Staying at Park Hyatt Siem Reap means the opportunity to embark on a culinary journey at our sophisticated fine dining restaurants, including The Dining Room, The Living Room, and The Glasshouse. Be prepared to indulge in exceptional cultural experiences that await!

1.The Living Room

12 Best Restaurants in Siem Reap For a Gastronomic Journey

Imagine walking into The Living Room, where the air is thick with intrigue and history. This place isn’t just about eating; it’s about experiencing. The legendary Bill Bensley has worked his magic here, creating a retro-chic paradise that blends dark woods with striking rose-coloured themes. As you sit down, surrounded by an eclectic array of art and artefacts, you realise this isn’t just a meal; it’s a journey through the artistic heart of Siem Reap. Explore more.

2.The Dining Room

12 Best Restaurants in Siem Reap For a Gastronomic Journey

At The Dining Room, it is a place where Khmer tradition dances gracefully with French flair. Each dish is a masterpiece, crafted from ingredients deeply rooted in Cambodian culture. This isn’t just fusion cuisine; it’s a symphony of flavours, where East meets West in the most delicious way possible. Explore more.

3.The Glasshouse

12 Best Restaurants in Siem Reap For a Gastronomic Journey

The Glasshouse deli and patisserie is a nod to the French colonial heritage of the country. It’s where you can indulge in light, exquisite fare, feel the breeze in an al-fresco setting, and treat yourself to a myriad of sweet delights. From homemade ice cream to sorbets, from fresh pastries to indulgent cakes – every item here is a testament to the fine art of dessert-making. Explore more.

12 Best Restaurants in Siem Reap For a Gastronomic Journey

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