Executive Chef Feature

Executive Chef Feature

A Cambodian culinary expert, Executive Chef Pisith Theam is a trailblazer of Khmer cuisine. A third generation chef with international experience, he showcases his gastronomical flair at our luxury hotel in Siem Reap.

With an incredible talent and a passion for organic, locally sourced ingredients, Executive Chef Pisith delights in creating delicious dishes which highlight the complexities of authentic Khmer cuisine at our best restaurant in Siem Reap. Quality fresh herbs and spices as well as fresh fruits and vegetables inspire the well-balanced dishes he is known for.

Executive Chef Pisith was born into a family passionate about food. His grandmother was the village chef and she is the first person who taught him how to cook. As a young boy, Executive Chef Pisith aspired to be a doctor, but his love for culinary arts prevailed. These days, he considers himself a doctor of food & beverage. Following in the footsteps of his father, he began working at Hotel de la Paix. His father had also been the former Executive Chef at the hotel, which is today known as Park Hyatt Siem Reap. He started as Chef de Cuisine, and quickly rose through the ranks to become the Executive Chef.

The true highlight of Executive Chef Pisith’s Khmer creations comes in the form of the Battambang Menu. A long-standing authentic Khmer menu at the hotel, the dining experience pays tribute to the capital city and province of Battambang. Located along the Sangkae River, Battambang is known for its abundance of rice and fresh fruits as well as the picturesque mountains and countryside and the quaint and charming post-colonial architecture. such as the Rambutan.

The Battambang Menu is an authentic five-course dining experience meticulously curated by Executive Chef Pisith Theam. The menu is a delightful array of local flavors finely exquisitely crafted and presented. Dine on The authenticity of Cambodian fare is unmistakable in its savory fresh spring rolls, braised minced fish with Kampot fish sauce, a prawn sour soup, wok-fried beef striploin and a luscious dessert of pandan custard with mango.

Served since the 1960s, the Battambang Menu is a fusion of Cambodian heritage and unrivaled tastes. The menu is sure to please the discerning palates of our luxury hotel in Siem Reap international travelers and guests.

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